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<p>Palin Heckled At McCain Rally, She Responds (VIDEO)</p><p>by Dan Nowicki<br /> Mar. 27, 2010<br /> The Arizona Republic</p><p><a href=""><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-5731" title="PALIN-HECKLED-large" src=";h=190"&quality=80&strip=all alt="" width="260" height="190" /></a></p><p>The maverick and the rogue teamed up one more time in Mesa on Saturday to rally support for Sen. John McCain&rsquo;s re-election campaign and slam President Barack Obama&rsquo;s landmark health-care overhaul.</p><p><a title="Sarah Palin Heckled At McCain Event&hellip;She Angrily Responds&hellip; Protestor Roughed&nbsp;Up&hellip;(VIDEO)" rel="bookmark" href="">Click here to Watch …Sarah Palin Heckled At McCain Event&hellip;She Angrily Responds&hellip; Protestor Roughed&nbsp;Up&hellip;(VIDEO)</a></p><p>When not sparring with hecklers, <a id="KonaLink0" href="; target="undefined"><span style="color: #0000ee;">Sarah Palin</span></a>, the former Alaska governor and best-selling &ldquo;Going Rogue&rdquo; author, heaped praise on McCain&rsquo;s &ldquo;maverick&rdquo; Republican style.<br /> Palin called her former 2008 presidential running mate &ldquo;a man of honor,&rdquo; &ldquo;a man of faith&rdquo; and &ldquo;a man of the people&rdquo; who isn&rsquo;t afraid to &ldquo;shake things up in Washington&rdquo; and fight corruption and wasteful pork-barrel spending in <a id="KonaLink1" href="; target="undefined"><span style="color: #0000ee;">Congress</span></a>.</p>