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Here we go again, with yet another Republican who has uttered an offensive blunder in defense of anti-abortion rights!

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John Koser, a GOP congressional candidate running in Washington, dismissed the idea that women should be allowed to decide what to do with their bodies when “the rape thing” happens. Speaking at a fundraiser over the weekend, the pro-life candidate explained why he does not support abortions during rape or incest.

“On the rape thing, it’s like, how does putting more violence onto a woman’s body and taking the life of an innocent child that’s the consequence of this crime, how does that make it better?” Koster said. “You know what I mean?”

His opponent, Democrat Suzan DelBene, struck back at Kosher’s comments, calling his theories about rape “problematic.”

“Dismissing it as a ‘thing’ is an awfully casual way for him to talk about it, and I think it highlights how little he understands the ramifications and the seriousness of the issue. So that’s very problematic. And the way he approaches the issue and the policy conclusions he comes to, it just highlights the serious problem we have when politicians are trying to dictate women’s health care decisions,” said DelBene’s spokesperson to TPM.

Kosher joins a growing list of pro-life Republicans who have made disturbing statements about women, rape and abortion, which includes Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” gaffe and Richard Mourdock’s comments calling rape a part of “God’s will.”  

When will these attacks on women’s bodies end?!