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Back in 1999, a group of well-meaning fellas from Adelaide, South Australia got together and started Movember.

The premise was simple: the men would spend the entire November growing mustaches, raising money for charity in the process.  

VIDEO: Nick Offerman Offers Helpful Tips For Growing Your Movember ‘Stache!

Almost instantly, Movember went from being a cult following to a worldwide phenomenon. Now, 13 years later, Movember is celebrated by men like it’s Christmas, all in a effort to fight common male issues, including colon cancer, depression and erectile dysfunction (we’re joking about the last one…we think!)

Well this year, GlobalGrind is in full Movember mode. Not only are a couple of dudes on our staff growing out their best looking staches’, but we are also here to salute some of the best mustaches hip-pop has given us.

PHOTOTS: TOMS Celebrates November WIth Movember Movement! 

Scroll down, enjoy and then vote on which hip-pop star has the best mustache of all time!


Over the last couple of years Pharrell has randomly thrown on the ‘stache whenever he’s been in the mood. P looks good with his ‘stache, he should keep it! 


Michael Jordan caught a lot of flack for the “Hitler” mustache he first wore on a Hanes commercial. In case you didn’t know, Hitler is on the Movember’s wall-of-shame. 

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera easily has the most epic, fully developed mustache on Fox News. 

James Franco

Real fact: Every time Franco gets another degree, he grows another mustache. OK, that is totally false. 

Kid Cudi

Our boy Cudder likes to whip out the super thin mustache every once in a while. 

Hulk Hogan 

Over two decades later and The Hulkster still has one of the most unbelievable Fu Manchu mustaches around.

Sean Penn  

Look at our boy Sean Penn rocking the Robert De Niro-from-Godfather-II look. 

Jeff Gordon

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon grew a nice ‘stache back in September after his crew made the Chase. Good ‘stache, Jeff, but you might want to grab a lil Just For Men, as well. 

Danny Trejo

Underrated actor Danny Trejo always has a killer ‘stache. Still, Danny might want to do some cardio.

Tom Selleck

For you young bucks out there, that’s Tom Selleck. And, yes, he’s the mustache king, even in his older age. 

Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. looks cool as hell wearing his mustache. That dude can pull off anything. 

Mel Gibson

We’re not going to front, Mel literally looks like the Devil while rocking his ‘stache. 

Ron Jeremy

Famous porn star Ron Jeremy, also known as The Hedgehog, has been showing women his *cough* ‘stache for over two decades now. 

Keith Hernandez

Legendary NY Met Keith Hernandez ruled the city with his playboy swag and mustache.

Chris Brown 

We’re not sure why Chris Brown looks so mad in this Instagram photo he posted back in April. He looks pretty cool with a ‘stache.  

Bradley Cooper

Cooper woke up with this thing on his upper lip after a wild night in Vegas. 

Wiz Khalifa

The Fader gives us a cool close up of Wiz’s ‘stache last year when he rocked the cover. 

Tom Hanks 

Tom Hanks keeps his ‘stache short, sweet and a little sloppy.  

David Beckham

We hear that the ladies like this David and his ‘stache. 

Nick Offerman

He made this video. Nuff’ said.