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Who doesn’t love Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “N***s In Paris?” It’s one of those songs that “gets the people going!”

NEW VIDEO: Rye Rye “Dance!”

And it certainly got Baltimore emcee Rye Rye going – going to the booth – where she spit some dope bars over a sample of the Watch The Throne track.

NEW MUSIC: Rye Rye & Tyga “Shake, Twist, Drop!”

The joint kicks off with Kanye’s voice repeatedly uttering, “don’t let me get in my zone,” before the 21-year-old goes in on the haters, rapping:

“I got my shades on, so I can’t see these haters/Tip around the club, smacking b***hes with my paper/Hello kitties wake up, got stack and stacks and stacks/And if you ain’t about getting that doh homegirl, you wack, you wack, you wack…”

Rye Rye is currently on the “Group Hug” tour with Kreayshawn and Honey Cocaine.

Check out “In My Zone,” and let us know what you think below.