Yesterday, Beyonce published a letter declaring her “respect and adoration” for President Barack Obama.

VIDEO x PHOTOS: Jay-Z Got 99 Problems, But Mitt Ain’t One!

The diva’s letter, which appears to be handwritten and ends with her signature, was published on just a day before the election. In it, the pop star declares that Obama’s leadership and inspiration is the reason why Blue Ivy and her nephew Juelz, “will grow up knowing that they can truly be anything they want to be.” 

Yesterday, Bey’s other half, rap mogul Jay-Z, hit the stage on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief during a rally in Ohio where he declared, “I got 99 problems, but Mitt ain’t one!”

The hip-hop royals have been riding with the President since his first campaign run in 2008. Earlier this year, they helped him raise $4 million at a glitzy fundraiser worth $40,000 a plate at Jay’s 40/40 Club. 

Check out the letter below.

And, on the day of the election, Beyonce took to her site once again to show her love for Obama, posting photos filling out her ballot. Check them out in the accompanying gallery.


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