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Yesterday we reported that students at the University of Mississippi held riots in protest of Barack Obama’s re-election, while using racist language to express their anger.

VIDEO: Oh Damn! Ole Miss Students Riot After Obama’s Re-Election  

In response, other students at the school organized a “We Are One Mississippi” candlelit walk to demonstrate that the few bad apples at Ole Miss don’t represent the entire student body. Over 600 students marched across the Southern campus, compared to the 400 students that took part in the angry rally the night before.  

One student told WREG 3 that the candlelit walk symbolized the progression and unity Mississippi has made since the days of Jim Crow.

“We’re standing together as one Mississippi but we’re walking across campus and it’s sort of a good metaphor of us moving forward together as a community,” Ole Miss student Kaitlyn Barnes told WREG, adding ”last night was an instance of ignorance on campus rearing its ugly head.”

We’re glad to know that the majority of Ole Miss students have some sense!


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