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This week was a big win, not only for President Barack Obama as he sealed a second-term, but for weed smokers, women and gays everywhere after sweeping legislation efforts that will progress the country forward passed on Election Day.

EXCLUSIVE: We Take Care Of Our Own by Michael Skolnik

But let’s talk about the weed for a moment! On Tuesday night when Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana, legalization advocates were quick to call the two measures “the beginning of the end” of marijuana prohibition in the United States.

This is big step in the right direction considering that marijuana was once thought to be the most dangerous drug ever and a deadly menace

However, there are still many who believe that the drug shouldn’t be all the way legal, but merely decriminalized so that people who use the sticky icky aren’t automatically jailed. 

For the past 30 years, politicians have stood on their pulpits advocating for marijuana users and the drug to remain illegal, while at the same time many have admitted their own drug use. 

We haven’t reached the end of the road yet when it comes to ending the Drug War in this country, but the movement is picking up significantly. In the meantime, take a look at a few select politicians who’ve had a word or two to say about marijuana.

F.Y.I the guy in the intro picture is Martin Lindner – deputy chairman of the unpopular junior coalition party the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in German as he sniffs and eventually sparks up a joint.


Ronald Reagan was president during the time his campaign “Say No to Drugs” was at its highest. Watch as the 40th President of the U.S. says that marijuana is the most dangerous drug in America. Interesting fact: Regan era was also during the height of the crack epidemic in the U.S.


We all know Obama inhaled, in fact back in his teenage years, Obama, known as Barry, not only smoked, but also belonged to his own clique known as the Choom Gang.



Romney could have had a better chance of winning the Presidency if he didn’t have such a staunch view against medical marijuana. 



Former President Bill Clinton famously said he didn’t inhale when he tried marijuana and he’s stuck to that story. But what guy who plays jazz saxophone doesn’t smoke weed?



Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger not only admitted to smoking weed, but isn’t ashamed to acknowledge that he indulged in the wacky weed. 

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