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It’s official, the beef between A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp might be overcooked. 

Reports are coming in that last night, A$AP Mob and SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan crew got into a physical altercation in Miami and afterwards, SpaceGhost was detained – but not arrested – by the police.

VIDEO: SpaceGhostPurrp On A$AP Rocky Beef: “Everything Is Cool” 

A$AP Rocky was at The Fillmore last night, continuing his tour, when apparently, according to Complex, SpaceGhostPurrp and members of his Rader crew were waiting outside.

Nothing has been confirmed, but Complex spoke with a member of Raider Klan and he told the magazine that there was a fight between 30 members of the Klan and A$AP Bari and A$AP Nast.

DETAILS: BURY DA BEEF! Soulja Boy Comes At SpaceGhostPurrp On Twitter 

It hasn’t been confirmed if A$AP Rocky himself was involved in anyway.

@sneakerheaderic on Twitter was there and he was able to grab a couple of pictures of SpaceGhost getting detained by the police:

There is also some footage of SpaceGhostPurrp getting detained.

Although various members of Raider Klan’s group have been sending taunts on Twitter, we have still yet to hear from the main players themselves. Seriously, fellas, ya’ll need to BURY DA BEEF. 

SOURCE: Complex