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The Secret Service has been hard at work the last few months and have reportedly stopped multiple plots discovered to assassinate President Obama and Mitt Romney during their campaign runs.

According to GQ, “several assassination plots were nipped in the bud” over the course of the campaign by Secret Service agents.

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Both Obama and Romney have received heavy protection from the Secret Service, with Obama’s historically being the nation’s first black president, and Romney winning the Republican Presidential candidate recieved protection in January.

Romney withdrew his Secret Service protection when soon after he lost the election to Obama this past Wednesday morning.

GQ writes:

Protectees were protected 100 percent of the time. Several assassination plots were nipped in the bud. Thousands of events were secured, perfectly. Results matter, as we learned Tuesday night.

The mag also reports:

Though no one in the Service was rooting one way or the other for any particular candidate, at least not to colleagues or publicly, not having to secure the Romney family means that agents who have been working 12 hours shifts for eight weeks straight can take some time off before the inauguration.

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The article also details the fact that both candidates received many threats in the past year because of their race for presidency, but turned out to be just tweets from frustrated voters.

We’re glad that the Secret Service did their duties well and protected both Obama and Romney during their campaigns.