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This week has been life-changing for President Obama, and good news keeps rolling in.

He was just elected as President for a 2nd term in the 2012 Presidential Election against Mitt Romney, even though at one point the two seemed neck and neck in the polls.

With some swing states still not coming forward with election results, Ohio is what earned Obama his seat in the Presidential chair for another 4 years.

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Accoridng to The Huffington Post, Florida has just come forward yesterday with their election results, and Obama was the winner of the state with 29 electoral votes.

This brings Obama to 332 electoral votes versus Romney’s 206 and separates the two from their razor-thin margin during election night this past Tuesday.

The site reports:

The Florida Secretary of State’s Office said that with almost 100 percent of the vote counted, Obama led Republican challenger Mitt Romney 50 percent to 49.1 percent, a difference of about 74,000 votes. That was over the half-percent margin where a computer recount would have been automatically ordered unless Romney had waived it.

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Even though there is a November 16th deadline for overseas and military ballots, yesterday’s results were what based recounts.

Florida has spoken loudly in support of moving our nation forward.

Congratulations to President Obama on officially earning another 4 years as our President!