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Ariel Winter is having a rough year, currently going through a contentious guardianship battle with her own mother after claims of abuse.

The 14-year-old Modern Family star’s mother is trying to help her case by making claims that she saw Ariel and her 18-year-old boyfriend Cameron Palatas in bed together.

According to the NY Daily News, Ariel says the claims are not true since the two broke up “months” ago, and before the drama with her mother started.

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A source told the site of the battle drama:

“They have been broken up for several months. It is really unfortunate Ariel’s mom has drug Cameron through the mud here. Everything her mom has said has been untrue.”

Ariel’s mother claimed in a police report that the two were seen in bed together, even though Ariel is a minor, and she stands by her accusations:

“Yes, I stand by (the police report),” she told The News, referring follow-up questions to her lawyer. “I can’t say anything more. This is a very sad situation. Just pray for my family.”

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As of now, Ariel’s guardian is her sister Shanelle Gray, who has stated that she believes Ariel’s mother slapped Ariel and insulted her while living together.

Her mother denied the claims and said:

“I have never slapped or hit Ariel. I love Ariel very much and will do whatever is in her best interest.”

“My fourteen year old daughter has been dating an eighteen and a half year old man and when I caught them engaging in behavior that I feel my daughter is too young mentally and physically to understand and fully grasp I put a stop to it immediately.”

It must be hard to have your boyfriend dragged into a guardianship battle.

We pray for Ariel and hope that whatever is best for her comes out of this situation.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

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