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Gunplay is not a dude you want to f*ck with. 

He’s a drug addict sh*t-talker who we’ve already seen get busy on camera

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And he might have found himself in a new situation. 

The other day, Saigon, whose sophomore album, The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses, dropped this past Tuesday, was on the Breakfast Club on Power 105. While on the show, Saigon discussed the lack of consciousness that’s within hip-hop.  

VIDEO: Gunplay Jumped By Members Of G-Unit At The BET Awards

He went on to say he was frustrated with the detrimental message hip-hop was pushing towards children. Because of this, Saigon said he wanted to punch rappers pushing that kind of music in the face. He specifically named Rick Ross and 2 Chainz, but he did stress any rapper that made detrimental music could get it.

Gunplay heard the comments, and in an exclusive interview with HipHopWired, the wild rapper responded:

“I got a son too, Ross got a daughter, Ross got a son. I dare you to do that sh*t…To each his own, if that’s how he feel… try to punch him in the face.”

Gunplay also went on to question Saigon using violence to settle a dispute:

“You saying this [but] you’re tryna punch somebody in the face? I’m sayin’, what’s wrong with dog? I don’t know what’s up with that sh*t…Why you goin’ in on Ross? Go in on everybody else. You just singling out two people ‘cuz they the hottest n*ggas in the game right now. Why you singling them out? Everybody has kids, what makes yours so special?”

What do you folks out there think? Who’s right? 

SOURCE: HipHopWired