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Unhappy Walmart workers and unions are firing back at the corporate giant’s shady practices and worker abuse with a strike on Black Friday, retail’s biggest shopping day.

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One thousand workers are expected to walk out nationwide on Black Friday to demand higher wages, benefits and fight back against the company’s retaliation against labor-union workers. In addition, the Black Friday strike is in protest of Walmart’s decision to open its stores two hours earlier this Thanksgiving at 8am.  

It is being organized by union-backed orgs OUR WalmartMaking Change at Walmart and Corporate Action Network, a watchdog group. 

Over the last six months, a number of strikes have taken place at stores in states like Washington, California and Chicago to protest Walmart’s poor working conditions and retaliation from the company against labor-related complaints from workers. On top of that, female employees filed a class action lawsuit in California.

Walmart is the largest employer in the US. It’s a shame that they continue to treat workers like this.