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We don’t often get a true behind the scenes look at what actually goes on on a tour but for one of this year’s biggest tour’s we are all over it. 

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DJ Reflex, who is serving as the Rihanna 777 tour’s offical DJ is giving us a look from his perspecitve of how it all goes down.  Today he sent in his first travel log from the tour’s first 4 stops – Toronto, Stockholm, Paris and Mexico City.  While he seems to be having a great time, Reflex helps us to understand that a tour is not always fun and games.  It requires a lot of work between the tourbus and the stage and sometimes 20 minutes of alone time may be the closest thing that you get to resting all day.  Check out the tour from his view in his letter below and in the gallery above.


Date: Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012


When I first agreed to do some Rihanna 777 tour updates with Global Grind I thought it would be easy with a lot of down time between shows on the plane and such. NOT TRUE! This has been the hardest tour schedule I have ever been a part of.

When I was asked by Rihanna’s team to open this tour I thought it would be amazing to have lunch and enjoy each of the amazing cities such as Stockholm, Paris, Berlin.


If we have not been on stage we have been working on the plane, standing in baggage claim, riding in a bus, sound checking, and trying to catch a few Z’s before the show. It’s been amazing to see Rihanna perform every night dealing with such a travel schedule. I mean, I’m exhausted, but I just have to spin records while she sings her heart out every night! The trip started off amazingly in LA with a private Boeing 777 airplane awaiting with the most bizarre outside boarding process I have ever seen. Before take off Rihanna took over the cockpit for flight instructions over the intercom. After take off, we realized we were in for quite the ride as she began walking through the isles with bottles of champagne for everyone.

So far we have performed in Mexico City, Toronto, Stockholm, and Paris. I have to be downstairs in 20 mins for our trip to Berlin today, which by no means are unappreciated minutes.

I have also dj’d two after parties in the few nights which resulted in Rihanna playing bartender in Stockholm and last night’s Paris adventures. Diddy, Cassie, Akon, and Pharrell all came out to support Rhi. That was about 4 hours ago to be exact. So when to sleep? There’s a priceless area of time between boarding the plane and take off that allows for some shuteye.

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Today I woke up to an email from Swizz Beats with a new intro for my show so I will be working on producing that up until show time so that I can use it in tonight’s set.

All in all, this is an experience of a lifetime and I’m so grateful Rihanna loves my music and is letting me play it at freewill. Finding someone that appreciates what you do and how do it is always a blessing.

Ok, time to pack! Until my next delusional sleepless entry, enjoy the 777 tour via Global Grind and @DJRELFEX

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