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Last night, Keyshia Cole reunited with New York City during her concert at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

Before she hit the stage, fans grew restless while waiting up to 3 hours for the woman of their dreams. Opening acts Colleen and Interscope artist Mateo struggled to gain the full attention of the already irritable crowd, but still put on memorable performances. By the time the clock reached 10:50pm, the chants for Keyshia came in strong and heavy.

While some might think her fan base has lost some enthusiasm or is starting to deteriorate, you would think again the second you see this woman step on stage.

Let’s just say that Keyshia Cole fans are not to be messed with.

During the band set-up, two girls passed out who had been standing in the pit, unable to take the crowded conditions any longer. It looked as though trouble was ahead for Keyshia’s set once a small fight broke out, but everything simmered down once she took the stage.

Dressed in a beautiful, all white angelic outfit with her blonde hair, Keyshia started off with dancers dressed to impress, performing with umbrellas to hide and then reveal their star. Coming in strong by starting off with hits such as a ladies’ favorite, “I Changed My Mind,” the crowd was eating it all up.

It only took Keyshia two songs into her set to give the crowd their money’s worth, and the opportunity to lose their voices, by bringing out the beautiful Ashanti to accompany her on “Woman To Woman,” the next single off her album of the same name, which was released yesterday.

With all of the dancing Keyshia did to match her dancers, it was time for Keyshia to slow things down and perform her slow single “I Remember,” before quickly picking up the pace with “I Just Want It To Be Over.”

It didn’t take long before Keyshia was going into hits such as “Heaven Sent,” the always solid “Love,” and the smash hit “Let It Go.” While some whispered about a possible appearance from Missy Elliott, she was nowhere to be found. However, this didn’t stop Keyshia from throwing in a surprise by performing her new equally sexy track “Hey Sexy” produced by The-Dream.

The set wasn’t all dedicated to Keyshia’s career, since she even gave the crowd a throwback and briefly sang “Right Here” by SWV. Even though most of the audience felt some nostalgia, Keyshia did stop her set to talk to the crowd.

Going through her career timeline from the days of her red hair, to getting to “A Different Me” and then finding her husband, Keyshia got worked up, and shed a couple of tears. After thanking her fans from the bottom of her heart, Keyshia sang her heart out to her latest single “Trust And Believe” with the help of the crowd.

Wiping away her tears, Keyshia ended the night with her smash hit of the year, “Enough Of No Love,” and went out with a bang, dancing her butt off.

By the screams, pushing, and shoving from her fans to get as close to Keyshia as possible throughout her set, it was clear that this concert was worth the money, and the wait.

Lindsey India

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