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If you missed Part 1 of DJ Reflex’s travel log while on Rihanna’s 777 tour, have no worries – he’s back with Part 2!

When we left Reflex last time, he was preparing to hit the stage in Berlin. This time around, we got a recap from his perspective of both Berlin and London. 

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Of course it involved a lot of equally high energy and exhausting moments when the party doesn’t stop until after the afterparty. New York is up next but until then, check out what DJ Reflex got into below and a few candid pictures from his perspective in the gallery above.


Date: Monday, Nov. 19, 2012

These last two days have hurt. From long flight delays to customs issues, this tour is taking a toll on everyone. Our show in Berlin was a tough one. Flying in and out for a show of this magnitude is not easy at all. Another boring flight was aroused by a streaking journalist through our isle. Lights were off in the cabin and all video camera lights came on, which was a surreal site to see. A light party with chants and all began at 4am on the flight.

In London, plans of actually enjoying a city for a few hours were stolen by a DJ that needed much rest, ME! I slept until it was time to head to the show. Although the day started with us searching for our bags on a runway off the plane in the freezing cold, along with our waitress for breakfast not being very nice to us to say the least, the evening seemed much more optimistic.

After working on a playlist unique to London up to literally 5 minutes before my set, I had what I thought was my most fun show. Once Rihanna went on I realized, it wasn’t just me, it was THIS show.

It was the most energetic and exciting audience to date. On the music side, I greatly appreciate the audience’s love for great live music beyond standard hip-hop and dance music. I was able to mix Florence Welch into Ginuwine into reggae into A$AP Rocky and the crowd stayed with me. Of course, playing Amy Winehouse and bands like The Ting Tings were highlights for the crowd.

Rihanna had an amazing show!

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Once more, a last minute “Reflex, need you play at the afterparty” text from Rihanna’s manager was the end of the evening. I’m currently writing this at 4am with a 5am lobby call to continue our journey back to the States. Tonight the expectations are high for New York City. But first…. the flight! I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of activity on this last leg of the 777 Tour. Everyone is looking to make headlines tomorrow.

Until next time, enjoy the 777 Tour via GlobalGrind and @DJREFLEX.

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