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Rocsi Diaz is switching coasts and turning over a new leaf, but not without saying bye bye to the city she’s called home with a fabulous photo shoot. 

VIDEO: Rocsi Diaz Reveals All The Makings Of Her Dream Man

The former 106 and Park hostess’ co-host Terrence J has gone on to become the host of E! News, but Rocsi is taking a new route in a new city and plans to take the industry by storm. 

Prior to her big move, PYNK Magazine caught up with the lovely lady to talk about everything from her next chapter, to just how difficult the dating scene is for her.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below.

Do you think it is harder to date men in the industry or a regular guy?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Some people want to date someone in the industry because that person will understand the day-to- day. Sometimes, you might want a regular guy because it will help maintain a certain sense of privacy. To each her own, really.

Do you think it’s hard to date when you’re a celebrity?

I think guys will be intimidated when you are in this industry. So for me it is very hard.

How would you describe your style?

My style is casual chic, I like to pair jeans and t-shirts with amazing heels. If I am attending a special event, I like to keep it very lady-like.

Who are some of your mentors in the industry, or just successful women you look up to?

The number one person I look up to is my mother – she has always been my role model and supporter. As far as women in the industry, there are strong women like Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Whitaker, and Tyra Banks that I admire.

Did you always want a career in entertainment?

No – not at all. Every little girl dreams about being an actress one day or something like that but I was the complete opposite. I wanted to be a whale trainer and swim with them and everything. It wasn’t until college that I became interested in entertainment and radio.

Best of luck to Rocsi on her new journey! Check out the photos from the spread in the gallery above. 

SOURCE: Pynk Mag