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Out with the old and in with the new! Although that may be true for a lot of things, it’s not the case with Mac Miller‘s collaborative mixtape alongside the iconic DJ Jazzy Jeff. Conceptually, the project is meant to bridge a gap between old school and new school, thus the proposed title ’92 Til Infinity.

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Mac linked up with TheWellVersed to let it be known that his impending mixtape with Jazzy Jeff isn’t an idea that’s been shelved, but in fact an idea that will manifest into something concrete early next year.

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The Blue Slide Park rapper says:

“Yeah, it’s still happening. Yeah, we got a date for it. It’s really dope…basically I just want to team up with someone who’s such a respected veteran. Like Jeff, still ’til this day, is one of the greatest DJ’s of all-time.”

It’s cool to see Mac Miller adamant about doing something that’s a bit nostalgic and different.

Mac’s next album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off is expected to drop sometime next year as well.

Check out the video above!

SOURCE: Complex