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Have you ever heard the expression “If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it”? In the case of The Row’s latest collection of backpacks – it’s probably true.

We say this mainly because the website selling the backpack says that you have to call for pricing information – which is never a sign of something being inexpensive – but also because the latest collection is actually a collaboration with Damien Hist, who holds the title of the world’s richest living artist.

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Without Damien, the Olsen Twins made headlines when their company, The Row, was selling the backpack for $39K. With Damien’s assistance, we can imagine the price of the backpack almost doubling in price. At that pricepoint, the backpack becomes more of a piece of artwork than anything else! 

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Take a look The Row’s backpacks bearing artwork from Damien Hirst in the gallery above and the video below.

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