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Just when you thought will.i.am could do everything imaginable in the field of music – he just switches everything up on us.

The 37-year-old singer is following in the footsteps of Dr. Dre and hopping into electronics. Unlike a few other musicians who have made headphones, will.i.am went in a different direction by announcing the launch of his own range of camera accessories for the iPhone, aptly named i.am+ foto.sosho.

Will.i.am introduced the cameras at a launch yesterday with the i.am+ CEO, Chandra Rathakrishnan. There will be models for the iPhones 4 and 4S at launch, with a version for the iPhone 5 available for preorder and expected to be released early in 2013.

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The foto.sosho C.4 is the most basic model, at a still-princely $260, coming with three lenses (“standard,” 0.67x wide macro and 0.28x fisheye). Then there’s the V.4, which looks more like a vintage camera from the ’60s or ’70s (including a plastic-looking strap), and while it has the same lenses, it also includes a slide-out keyboard.

The V.5 is basically a V.4 for the iPhone 5, but the most interesting part is that it bypasses the iPhone’s onboard camera altogether, coming with its own 14 megapixel sensor and a bigger lens that offers a five time optical zoom. It looks just like a standard point-and-shoot but it uses Wi-Fi to send photos from the camera sensor to the camera, something which Chandra Rathakrishnan claimed is totally unique to their product.

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The cameras also integrate with i.am+, a social network that will.i.am claims can act as “the home of all your social activity.”

The i.am+ foto.sosho will be available from Selfridge’s on December 6th, but you can check out pictures of the C.4, V.4 & V.5 in our gallery!

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