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If there was one thing you could say about Pharrell Williams that most people would agree with, it’s that he’s definitely cultured.

Skateboard P’s knowledge extends far past the world of music and extends into fashion, design and art. 

The latest episode of Artist Talk, which features special guests in their career, sharing their own philosophies, ideas and inspirations, features Pharrell interviewing none other than KAWS and David Salle.

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Both artists are considered to be highly influential and respected in their prospective fields of art. KAWS hails from the world of street and pop art, and David Salle expresses himself with neo-expressionism. Both had a lot of ideals and experiences in common, although David may have had a harder time from critics comparing his artwork to pornography. It probably doesn’t help that a nude hostess came out of nowhere during the interview.

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The video ended up being really informative and gave us a better insight into both artists’ prospectives on their art and the art world in general. Check out Pharrell’s Artist Talk interview in the video above.