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Hundreds of friends and family gathered Friday night at the West Cobb Funeral Home in Marietta to remember the late Jordan Davis.

The 17-year-old’s father, Ron says he is hopeful some good can come out of the awful tragedy, telling Channel 4:

“We are going to miss him. He was just like any other kid. Anyone out there who has children will understand why I want to get guns off the street,” 

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New 4 Jax reports:

The father said he is sad that Michael Dunn may use the Stand Your Ground law as his defense in this case. Davis said he doesn’t believe the events of that night support that claim, even if Michael Dunn felt threatened.

Davis says:

“If you feel threatened, most people call 911. He never did that as far as I’m told. He sprayed the car with bullets, knowing kids were in the car, drove to his hotel and had a good night’s sleep. He came down the next day, found out someone died, my son Jordan Davis, and still didn’t call the authorities,” 

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Jordan’s mother also voiced her thoughts, refusing to go on camera she revealed in a statement:

“The family of the late Jordan Davis would like to thank everyone for your prayers as well as your expressions of love, care and concern.”

The family continues to have confidence that justice will be served. Jordan’s father says:

“Sometimes you see certain instances where it doesn’t play out the way you’d like it to, but there’s always a second justice. I don’t want revenge. I absolutely don’t want revenge. We realize there is a lot of speculation at this time. All the facts will come out at a later date. We want justice to be served.”

Jordan Davis’ funeral will take place at noon today at the Trinity Chapel Church of God in Powder Springs in Atlanta. Our condolences and prayers are with the family through this very tough time.

SOURCE: News 4 Jax