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On January 17, 1981, Willie Raymond Norwood Jr. was born. Some of you may know him as ‘Kim Kardashians ex’ or ‘Brandy’s little brother’, but most of us know him as Ray J. Ray J has literally been in the entertainment business for a long time, so to appreciate him on his day of birth, I’ve put together what we will call a ‘Ray J compilation’.

Being that Ray J is only 5 years older than me, It’s not hard to go through a timeline of his life. I even remember his first official acting job. No, it wasn’t on Brandy’s ‘Moesha’ show, either. Let me set the scene for you: its 1994 and the television show is called ‘The Sinbad Show’. Ray J (going by the name Willie Norwood back then) played Sinbad’s foster son:

Now, I’m not sure if any of you remember this song or even heard it before but this is RayJ’s first song, released in 97′ called ‘Let It Go’. It was first heard on the soundtrack to ‘Set It Off’. If I’m not mistaken, I can hear big sister Brandy on the background vocals:

Ray J came onto the ‘Moesha’ show in the early seasons and played a nerdy, church singer who only wanted to perform for Moesha, but he came back onto the show in Season 5 as ‘Dorian’ Moesha’s cousin who later turned out to be her half-brother:

In 2001, he hit us with ‘Wait A Minute’ featuring Lil Kim: 

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