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GlobalGrind’s financial coach, Lynn Richardson, wants to help you avoid spending beyond your means to ensure that you start 2013 off on the right foot financially:

Yes indeed, Santa Claus is coming to town and all too often, he leaves with all of our money in his pockets, but as I stated last week, not on my watch!  Here’s a few more tips that actually worked for me.

Holiday Shopping Tip #3

If you are buying something that you really wouldn’t want for someone who really doesn’t matter, then leave it on the rack.  Don’t try to prove a point when the only thing you may be doing is wasting your money on a gift that will never be used.  The only thing worse than receiving a meaningless gift is buying one with money you really didn’t have in the first place. 

Holiday Shopping Tip #4

If you already went shopping and you think you’ve gotten the best deals out there, guess what, you’re probably missing the last minute promotions and throwing money away in the process.  Let’s be clear, this is not a call to spend MORE money.  On the contrary, I encourage you to continue to check the special promotions to determine how you can save dollars on what you already spent and get some of your money back into your pockets.

Dozens of retailers are promoting amazing sales and rebates in these last weeks before Christmas.  I know firsthand, because the tablet I purchased last year for $300 was offered one week later with a full $300 rebate so, you guessed it, I took it back!  This may seem like a lot of work, but imagine how good I felt when I got a $300 check in the mail right after the new year.

Holiday Shopping Tip #5

Ask yourself this question about the items you purchased:  are you still as excited about the “sale” or “had to buy item” TODAY as you were when you purchased it on Black Friday?   Why should you ask this question?  Because the truth is this:  you may not be as emotionally attached to some of the items you purchased and/or the people you purchased them for today as you were two or three weeks ago!   If that’s indeed the case, you guessed it, take some stuff back, get your money back, and get your sense of peace intact.  And don’t forget to use your pre-paid debit card – or the just the cash you’ve allocated – so you can stay within your budget.

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