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Just four days after burying his 17-year-old son, Jordan Davis, Ron Davis is turning his grief into a vehicle for change. Donning a white t-shirt with the words “Kill Guns, Not Kids,” Davis, 59, has declared war on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

He told First Coast News:

“It’s too much gray area. I want that taken out of the law books. I know that’s an uphill battle. That’s OK. I’m a fighter, so I’ll fight to have that law taken out of the state of Florida and once it is taken out of the state of Florida, we will go to other states and get that out of other states also.”

Remaining positive about the war that he’s sure to encounter while challenging the law, which suspect Michael Dunn is said to be using in his murder defense, Davis is planning a candlelight vigil for Jordan on December 15th.

“I’m going to do something that brings my child the love and the respect that he deserves and that’s the legacy he is going to leave is that he did something to unite and to bring about community activism. Everybody is going to be active in this, you know. Not just let this happen to our community.”

Jordan Davis was shot on Black Friday at a Florida gas station while he sat in the car with three friends. Dunn remains behind bars for the crime, which has spawned racial tensions for residents still reeling from the Trayvon Martin case.

SOURCE: First Coast News