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Hello Global Grind,

IamRRA, against all elements in life. I kneel daily, thankful for the gift of expression because I am a force of reasoning. Often, I sit & remember the lessons from my childhood which includes faith, willpower, determination, & morals. My personal method of writing is what I describe as mentally disgusting, filled with the worth of substance that is beyond measurements. Sitting at my desk in my Loft, I turn, reaching with the left in order to grab the weapon, the pen so that I the master of my desires can create & explore all avenues of expression. I am equipped with skills of determination, willpower, morals, faith, & substance due to my Missionary Grandma, Grandma Lucy Bell & Mother.

Understand that I am a woman of solitude. I dance to my own rhythm; I fight with the symbols known as letters in order to create words mentally & emotionally. Pressing against the wood, I allow my heart to bleed through the pages as I offer a masterpiece of a heart, my questioning heart. There are moments when I peer into the eyes of my readers, waiting for a response but before they question my method of writing, I ask that they wait, read, & listen to the voice between the lines. My personal style of writing is a skill that I discovered as a child lost in personal torture as my innocence was stolen before I was able to understand. So, I stood a lost child walking with a forest of thoughts, never asking nor asking at the current moment for empathy. I am simply asking that my words be embraced with reasoning skills for my style of writing is not popular nor accepted outside of creative writing.

Honestly, my eyes are closed at the moment as I escape within the freestyle of my gift for my introduction on a global scale for a global SIGHT. My vision is vivid; I am a writer, a beast of expression. My personal dress code is one of solitude; I do not hold regard for conventional methods nor regulations which may be the writer inside of me. LOL. I smile at my last line because those that are included in my small secure circle often acknowledge my dress code with a side eyed look. But, again there is no element or line that I am not willing to cross in order to express myself. Thankful, I am for freedom & blessed I am with the gift of expression.

The method to my mentally disgusting writing is often created against a lyrical battle of rhymes which offers me the opportunity to blend a mixture of substance, expression & worth. I sit at my desk head nodding, shifting into the writer that I am, flipping through mental images, reflecting with no pressure because I am the administrator, a permanent fixture to the gift of words. Personally, I have an insane chorus that I use for each selection that I write. As tears fall from my eyes, I write this introduction. I am preparing on a different level to reveal against fear, who I am… Please, understand through this introduction that there is truth. I am often described as bold, bold enough to present the pain, the joy, the love, & emotions through
my gift. I am a gift to many because I am a writer, but the truth is that the personal secret which will be revealed, presented RRA with the gift of words. So, innocence lost or not, I am RRA the beast of expression.

At last, I am presenting myself to the world & revealing who I am, what I have become, the lessons that I learned from a strong single Mother, love that I learned from my Grandma Lucy Bell, & faith that I was taught from my Missionary Grandma MA. Often, I mask my heart, loving blindly, but presently I am preparing to release personal skeletons in order to help a reader, a child, an aunt, or a Mother. I am the flesh of words because I am RRA the ghost writer. Time & Space has allowed my reflection to shine through others as I present an image as a ghost writer but today, I present RRA. Remember,