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Every single week on Direct Access with Big Tigger I end up telling you guys something about Lil Wayne.  Last week during the celebrity hook up I pointed out that Weezy is the most press getting locked up brother of all time.  Thank the stars I wasn’t disappointed this week when Lil Wayne kept himself on everyone’s radar by getting a visit from Diddy at Rikers Island.  Diddy did not roll up in a maybach… he was bused over to the visit on the prison’s public bus and rapped with Weezy for an hour.   The friends might have been just talking about how Wayne is holding up while being locked down, but you guys already know Diddy can’t have a conversation without making it lucrative.  I wonder what deals or collaborations are in the works.  I can already hear Diddy on the track with Lil Wayne doin his signature, ‘yea yea, that’s right, uhhhhh, my boy got out the pen, yea yea.’

It will be a big hit and at the same time totally annoying…


The DMV got swept up in celebrity hoopla this past weekend.  As many of you know Washington, DC becomes comedy central for the world every year for the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. This year President Obama came out swinging with the funny, taking shots at everybody from Jay Leno to greedy Goldman Sachs bankers to fear mongering Republicans on the whole.

Obama got in a well deserved dig at Sen. John McCain and the state of Arizona, which has just passed the toughest state law to date that targets illegal immigration.  You might have heard that McCain, in a recent interview with Newsweek said, ‘I never considered myself a maverick… I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities.’ Obama highlighted the hypocrisy of not being ‘identified’ in his standup routine.  The prez warned McCain, ‘We know what happens in Arizona when you don’t have an ID. … Adios amigos!’


In totally unconfirmed but very likely to be true gossip we get to start making baby bump predictions for the Queen of New York and one of my favorite artist in the game, Ms. Alicia Keys.  Word on the street is that Alicia is knocked up by her boyfriend/fiancé Swizz Beats.  They’ve already gone public as a couple with the worst kept secret in the world–that he was married when they became an item. Keys used her superwoman powers to first creep, then sweep and now keep her man.   I say if the news is true that Alicia is preggers its time for the much in love duo to flaunt their happiness with no shame in their game. Best of luck if the rumor is true!


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