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If you watched HBO earlier this year, you were probably a fan of the television series Girls, which focused on a close-knit group of women in their twenties out in New York, going through the ups-and-downs circumscribed to everyday living.

NEW MUSIC: Santigold “The Keepers!”

And it looks like Santigold is there for her “Girls” – literally – with a track of the same name off the soundtrack Girls – Volume 1: Music from the HBO Original Series.

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The Philadelphia native raps:

“Here we are trying to make ends meat/ Got no cash, got no money, but we running the streets/I can call my shots, tell ’em what is what…”

Girls – Volume 1: Music from the HBO Original Series will be released January 8th, followed by season 2 of Girls on January 13th.

Check out “Girls” down below!