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DJ Green Lantern & DJ Drama present Jadakiss: The Champ Is Here 3

Ever since he spit, “Hearing you out is senseless/perhaps for instance I give this faggot a French Kiss,” on Big’s “Last Days,” J-To-The-Muah has been recognized as one of the nastiest rappers in the game. For the past decade he’s been to NYC what The Rock was to WWE fans: the people’s champion (you’re living a lie, Paul Wall). He’s been the underdog with the world of talent who seems to always be on the cusp of commercial greatness, but continuously falls short. Even his rap battles with huge stars like Jay-Z and 50 Cent weren’t enough to get him over that mainstream hump.

But even though his albums haven’t reached platinum status, his “Champ Is Here” series has been worth their weight in gold and has been the fix that’s kept the repeat customers nodding and microphone fiends on their toes like Dame Margot Fonteyn. Now the people’s champ is back with the 3rd installment to The Champ Is Here series and he continues to remind the masses why the previous kings of NY felt he was a threat to their throne.


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Jada puts a memorable rhyme pattern to Rick Ross’s “Mafia Music” beat on “You Will Remember Me,” and linked up with a rejuvenated Nas (had to get back on his “A” game if he plans to earn enough money to be on time with those ridiculous child support payments) and Sheek Louch for “Soldier Survivors.”  While listening to “Top 5 Dead or Alive,” I got the impression that this is the kind of track you’ll hear playing in the getaway car featured in a robbery video.  Over a tough as leather beat, Kiss and Styles P did their usual back and forth you-start-a-rhyme-and-I’ll-finish-it routine to perfection and really makes you wonder if they’ll

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