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No fighting allowed!

COOL ASS COVERS: The Weeknd Remixes Florence + The Machine’s “Shake It Out” 

News flash, Florence Welch can’t sing when people fight in front of her. 

During Florence +The Machine’s concert in Aberdeen, Scotland, the “Shake It Out” singer stopped in the middle of her set to break up two concert-goers fighting in the crowd. 

Once Florence realized there was a fight happening right in front of her, she cut the music and warned: 

“I can’t have you fight in front of me while I’m singing this song. No fighting allowed! I just want it to stop. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is. All of you, stop it!”

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The concert fighters immediately got the hint and stopped fighting.

While Florence continued to give the concert fighters a speech about proper concert behavior, she noticed another concert-goer crying due to the melee happening around her. 

Florence decided to hop off stage and console the young girl who cried in Florence’s arms. After a quick hug and a pat on the back, Florence hopped back on the stage and continued to the concert. 

Watch Florence Welch save the day in the video above!