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Reality television has brought some of the most entertainment in 2012, with Basketball Wives LA being no exception.

Whether there are fights or breakups happening on-screen, there’s still tons of drama going on behind the scenes of the show.

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Gloria Govan knows this first-hand, as she’s had to deal with rumors that have come in between her and husband Matt Barnes, as well as her words being twisted around.

Gloria recently sat down with, where she addressed a lot of different topics like being accused of cheating with The Game, and even getting into a Twitter war with Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal.

Check out part of the interview below:

Did you watch the reunion?

No, but I feel like I didn’t have to because I was scanning through twitter. What really irritated me is that people misconstrued how I… well honestly, that whole reunion was crazy. They didn’t air my response in terms of what I said back to Bambi, they took my comment about the spinoff way out of context. It was just really frustrating…

What’s your response to Evelyn and Shaunie’s tweets?

To Shaunie, she didn’t have anything directly to say, she kind of jumped on the bandwagon because she knows what’s up. In terms of Evelyn she needs to stay in her lane, I understand she’s on Shaunie’s side no matter what because that’s her home girl. Evelyn out of all people should understand how spinoff’s work.

I knew if I had to respond to really anybody I was going to have to go into full length conversations, so I just left it all alone (on twitter). That’s how I felt about Evelyn, like girl you of all people need to stop talking, I don’t know if that headbutt got you all delusional or what but she knows what’s up.

Gloria addressed rumors of her cheating with The Game:

Bambi was trying to throw you under the bus by naming rappers that you have supposedly been with. How do you feel when you hear things like this coming from cast members, and rappers?

It’s really frustrating because they didn’t allow my response to Bambi be aired. Granted, I know I was being nonchalant basically the entire reunion. First and foremost, Bambi is not a cast member, she is not even on the opening credits, she’s just Malaysia’s friend.

It’s just really sh-tty to have someone lie on you, and then not be able to defend yourself or correct yourself to the point where people believe you. Its like the first person to the finish line kind of thing, like no matter how you get there, I think that whoever says some bullsh-t first is what people are going to believe. And rappers of all people, they lie on their dick. I don’t mean to be vulgar. And Matt and Game were friends you know, so that was even more like damn that was a low blow. And it was frustrating to hear it from Bambi too because first and foremost I have never seen you a day in my life, ever, like I didn’t even know you existed before you came on this show. And so for her to be like “I saw her” you didn’t see me nowhere. I don’t even kick it, I don’t even know how to tell you how to get to Compton. So for her to take these fake-ass Compton rumors and try to make them relevant, is what’s really more frustrating. Even beyond that, that’s why I’m a prime example of why you don’t get on the producers bad side because they took this one little thing and just gave her a platform, just because your mad at me don’t try to water down my name.

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For the rest of the interview, head over to Necole Bitchie!

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