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I am absolutely sick to my stomach. My hands shake. My heart sinks. My mind is numb. We are all sick to our stomachs. We all shake with the deepest sadness we possibly can imagine. An unimaginable sadness.

The faces. The small, innocent faces. shocked. terrified and confused. The small Sandy Hook elementary school children know not of this life. They know not of this disease that has plagued our nation. They know not of the violence that has sickened our soul. They walk towards safety without prayer, as they have not learned that prayer yet. They walk without knowing that they lost TWENTY of their brothers and sisters, who have left this earth before they could even understand that it was round.

We are on this planet to protect our children. That is our job. That is our number one priority. And we have failed today. The teachers did everything they could. They did not fail. The parents did everything they could. They did not fail. The principal did everything she could. She did not fail. The police did their absolute best. This not about them. This is about us.

We are speechless, but we will not be silent. Not is these UNITED States. Not in this god bless America. Not in this land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We don’t care about politics. We don’t care about Republicans. We don’t care about Democrats. We don’t care about the National Rifle Association. We don’t care about the pundits on television. We don’t care about the ones who tell us we have to wait.

Today is not the day to talk about gun control or mental health care. Today is the day to finally DO SOMETHING about it.


~Michael Skolnik

Michael Skolnik is the Editor-In-Chief of and the political director to Russell Simmons. Prior to this, Michael was an award-winning filmmaker. Follow him on twitter @MichaelSkolnik