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Oh, you thought Kanye West was going to retire from the garment realm? Wrong. It looks like the rapper fashion enthusiast is working on a collaboration with A.P.C….or at least that’s what the context clues are telling us. 

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The rumors started initially back in February when GQ sat down with A.P.C founder Jean Touitou for an interview that turned into a look at Kanye’s future fashion plans. 

Are there more collaborations in the pipeline for 2012? Or anybody you would love to try to work with?

Jean Touitou: Organically? Yes, I can tell about it, it’s mentally in the pipeline, but it’s hard to get organized. I happen to be friends with Kanye West, and we wanted to do something related to clothes that’s not high fashion, probably something more sporty, I would say. But it’s just hard to get the guy out of a plane.

And now, with just a few weeks left for Jean to fulfill his dreams of 2012, Jean tweeted out a caption less photo of himself and Kanye doing what looks like work. 

Just when we were about to get excited, Jean tweeted a play off of Kanye’s “N*ggas In Paris” song: 

We get the tweet may have been in jest since Kanye was in the house and in light of the recent shooting deaths, but it still earns multiple side eyes. 

Wordplay aside, what do you think the two fashionistos are working up?