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The above picture of a young woman crying hysterically right after the Sandy Hook shootings broke the nation’s heart. She was among the many Newtown residents who experienced the harrowing massacre first-hand.

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But the nation wasn’t sure what connection she had to the school, if any. A grieving resident of Newtown? Mother to a child in the school? Sibling?

Turns out, Carlee Soto had just found out that her sister, Victoria Soto, was shot and killed in an attempt to protect her students.

The Associated Press happened to be around when she received the call, waiting for her sister to emerge from the school.

Now, Soto is condemning the media and is forever haunted by the image that speaks so many volumes of pain.

She told CBS:

“It’s like a reminder of that moment all over again. It kills.”

On her Instagram page, Soto posted the picture and this caption:

icarlee23 this is a picture of me that is everywhere I look. To tell you the truth it hurts to see this because as you can tell I’m very upset. I was just told my sister was shot and killed and someone took a picture of me. It’s sad that in today’s world people care more about getting the story then respecting people’s feelings.  

Since then, she’s been coping by remembering her sister and preparing for her wake today, where they will pass out 700 little green ribbons to honor Vicki Soto. 


SOURCE: Instagram Daily Mail