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The internet is going nuts with the latest twist in the Chris Brown/Rihanna relationship, or love triangle if you add Karrueche into the mix. 

Rihanna posted a RihCard that talked about the worst part of being single… sparking the blogs to say she broke up with Chris Brown. But I urge everyone to hold up with that nonsense. While I don’t consider myself an expert on all things Chrihanna, I do know a thing or two about relationship. 

One thing I know is that breakups are almost never final. There is a big chance that Rihanna will be back with Chris Brown either for real, for real or just for sex – but they are not through. 

Sure, there have been a few gripes posted on her Instagram and Twitter, but that’s the beauty of love. You can get through some really difficult times and still be in love. So I came up with 5 reasons why Rihanna isn’t quite done with Chris Brown.

1. Their Love Is Unconditional: When you love each other so much that your love can withstand the things that Chris and Rihanna went through, chances are always high that you might get back together. 

2. They’re Best Friends: We all have to remember they are best friends, and you have some of your biggest arguments and disagreements with your best friend. Honestly do we think they can be best friends FOREVER and not have at least one giant blow up?  

3. She popped his pimples. When you pop someone’s pimples, nothing they do is really that bad. Especially when you realize that you’ve purposely squeezed greasy white gunk from a person’s face onto your fingertips. 

4. Rihanna gives zero f*cks. We all know Rihanna is a bad gal. She may not want to be with Chris today and tomorrow cuddle with him backstage, then tweet about how much she misses her man. It’s all apart of who Rihanna is. She does whatever she wants and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. 

5. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, they were never back together to begin with. Sometimes you have to take people for their word. If they say they weren’t together, then how can they break up? Rihanna is grown and Chris is grown, so it’s really nobody’s business.

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