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While police try to piece together Adam Lanza’s hard drive to find clues about why he murdered 27 people, then took his own life, more details about his private life are emerging.

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A family friend told the Connecticut Post that Lanza once had ambitions to join the Marines.

Ellen Adriani said that Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother, decided that the demanding career would not be a good fit for her anti-social son. In addition, Adriani told the publication that Nancy knew it was something that he couldn’t handle, especially because he didn’t like to be physically touched.

“It became overwhelmingly clear to her that (military service) wasn’t right for him,” said Adriani, who never actually met Adam Lanza.

Investigators are still collecting clues and talking to people who knew Nancy Lanza to get some insight into Lanza’s mind. One of the main issues they face, however, is the lack of social contact that Lanza had:

Lanza had no job, never used social media, seemingly had no friends and rarely if ever had any contact with his brother or father.

For now they are still surveying Sandy Hook Elementary and trying to retrieve information off of his cell phone and his computer hard-drive, which he deliberately smashed to pieces. 

Depending how the metallic disk at the center of a computer hard drive is broken or cut into pieces, it can be difficult or even impossible to retrieve information, said Eric Friedberg, New York- based, co-president of Stroz Friedberg, a computer forensics and investigations firm.

“It is hard to put Humpty Dumpty together again,” Friedberg said. “I have never actually seen this done – but the physics would say that you could do it. If it is in three or four pieces the physics suggest that it is conceivable.”

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We’re waiting for the results. Hopefully the hard drive can help us understand what was going on so we can prevent it from happening again.

SOURCE: Gawker NY Daily News