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See ya Washington!

It’s been a packed week for President Obama, but he finally gets to breathe easy for a short period.

The President of the United States has dealt with nominating a new Secretary of State, stared over the ‘fiscal cliff’, and given a speech at the Newtown shooting vigil all this week.

The time has come to slow down for the holidays, and he’s doing it with the rest of the family in Hawaii this week.

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Although he did not specify when he would be coming back to Washington, he told reporters “See you next week” at the end of his appearance at the briefing room.

The recent fiscal cliff has been a topic of controversy amongst Congress, but the President revealed in his speech:

“Everybody’s got to give a little bit in a sensible way’ to prevent the economy from pitching over a recession-threatening fiscal cliff. ‘I still think we can get it done.”

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He also revealed that he planned to meet Republicans “more than halfway” when it came to taxes and their target for spending cuts.

Obama is set to take on the duties necessary to fix the fiscal cliff when he returns from his family vacation in Honolulu.

Check out the Obama’s on their way to Hawaii in the accompanying gallery.