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Uh oh, the gloves are off and Meek Mill is coming out swinging! 

DETAILS: Cassidy Releases Meek Mill Diss Song After Twitter Fight 

After weeks of going tit for tat on Twitter, Maybach Music rapper Meek Mill is finally letting his fellow Philly emcee Cassidy know there’s no more brotherly love. 

The two Philly rappers got in a Twitter fight after Meek Mill said he wanted to see Cassidy and Murda Mook battle. Somehow, Cassidy flipped the script and wanted Meek to battle him, but the “Dreams And Nightmares” rapper refused to battle Cassidy for less than 100K.

Things weren’t that serious until Cassidy sent out a subliminal tweet that rubbed Meek Mill the wrong way. All hell broke loose from there and then Cassidy dropped “Condom Style.”

NEW MUSIC: Meek Mill “Intro” 

We know. 

“Condom Style” has to be the worse diss record title of all time, but the damage is already done. 

Meek Mill decided to fire back at Cassidy just this one time with his own diss track titled “Repo.”  

“Really, f*ckin condom style? get your g gone/ you a clown ass n*gga/ put a wig on, n*gga I be going ham til the pig gone,” raps Meek Mill. 

Take a listen to Meek Mill’s diss record below!

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