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Kanye West is so influential, why else would everyone admit that “Yeezy taught me?”

It almost goes without saying that Kanye’s fashion sense and style have become so well revered there are people who have patterned his style down to a tee. However there are quite a few others around Kanye West on a day-to-day basis who by all accounts have a style of their own. They came into the public eye with a set personal style and then slowly but surely their “style” transformed into something Kanye approved. From here on, we will be calling this “The Kanye Effect.” 

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The Kanye Efect is not a bad thing. It happened when he initially came onto the scene and would pop his collar every time that he wore a polo shirt. It happened again when he released his signature sneaker with Nike and every sneakerhead with the exclusive shoes wore something similar to what Kanye would wear when he was seen in them. The last time we noticed it was during this past New Year’s Eve celebration when Rob Kardashian was wearing an all black, loosely fitting shirt over a black henley and paired it with slim black jeans, a gold chain and contrasting white Air Jordans. Of course people have been wearing all black for quite some time, but this look on Rob seems heavily influenced by Kanye.

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Kanye has been accused of making Kim Kardashian dress like him. He has also been accused of doing the same to Amber Rose. But we’ll probably never know how hands on Kanye is with the “Kanye Effect.” Is it strictly influential, or does Kanye help approve the outfits of his artists and girlfriends? Either way, for now it would seem that the Kanye Effect is very real. We can only hope to one day see Scott Disick in a pair of Air Jordans! 

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