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The war on gun control and violence continues, as one Connecticut town implements the first video game buyback program to discourage gun use and violence.

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Southington, which is 30 miles from Newtown, has launched a program that allows individuals to return violent video games in exchange for a gift certificates donated by the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce.

The program is set to begin on Jan. 12.

“We’re concerned about our kids getting desensitized,” said John Meyers, executive director of the local YMCA, NBC reported. “Desensitized to violence and desensitized to other risky behavior.”

Although the focus on violent video games has been reignited since it was reported that Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old gunman at Sandy Hook, was obsessed with “Call of Duty,” it isn’t new. 

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The National Rifle Association has also pointed to video games as a catalyst for crimes like Lanza’s. And for years, politicians have been trying to get violent video games off the shelf.

“If we have one violent video game returned, we’re going to be applauding,” Dr. Joseph Erardi, Southington’s school superintendent added at a press conference.

“This isn’t about quantity. It’s about making a difference, one student, one parent, one family, one community at a time.”

Gun-control seems to be the bigger issue, but kudos for this town doing anything they can to discourage violence.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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