UPDATE 01/06/13 10:52 A.M. 

In response to Freddy E’s death, Honey Cocaine has posted to her Twitter:

Following this she posted:

Honey Cocaine also released a photo of a conversation very recently had with Freddy, posting:

Family of Freddy E whose real name is Frederick Eugene Buhl, has released a statement via Facebook and reveal details of his funeral, which is taking place today in Seattle, Washington:


Twitter is running wild as Freddy E has allegedly committed suicide over his failed relationship with ex-girlfriend Honey Cocaine.

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The Youtube sensation tweeted a series of tweets after Honey posted on her Twitter account that she was single.

He posted:

Although there is no confirmation of his death, a blog called Seattle Realness has posted a dedication page to the Youtube star after the tweets were posted.

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Freddy was the star of his Youtube channel called Jerk TV where he posted a series of videos including skits and spoken word poems.

We pray for the family and friends of Freddy E, and hope that this news is not true.


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