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When it comes to fashion, it’s safe to say that no idea is totally original. From the beginning of time, fashion has repeated itself and gone through cycles that inevitably come back around. But in the case of Virgil Abloh and his brand Pyrex, that cycle may have been cut a little bit too short.

PHOTOS: Kanye West Has The Pyrex Vision At Last Night’s 12.12.12 Concert

Virgil, who also holds the title of Kanye West’s Creative Director, has achieved much success almost overnight with his brand Pyrex. Sure, he’s had a random t-shirt here and there under the brand’s name, but it was not until Kanye West performed in a hoodie from the new collection during the 12.12.12. benefit concert that Pyrex really took off.

Here’s the problem – although Pyrex had no issues with saying that the hoodies and shirts were made using blank Champion apparel, they left out the fact that the flannels may have been by Ralph Lauren Rugby and simply adorned with a PYREX 23 Logo on the back. 

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Some of you might not have a problem with that, but take this into consideration: Rugby is going out of business this year. Even if the shirts were bought at full price for $79.95, they are currently on sale for $35.99 each, which means selling it for $550 (which Pyrex does) gives Mr. Virgil about a 700 percent profit. 

Is the high price of fitting in worth lining the pockets of someone who basically regurgitated someone else’s work and slapped their logo on it? That answer is inevitably up to you, but for more proof of the fashion mishap, click through the gallery above.

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