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Do you remember Bone Crusher?!

Just to jog your memory, he was popular in the very, very early 2000s as a rapper whose song “Never Scared” became a smash hit in the club.

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Most recently, Bone Crusher was spotted in a Minnesota mall taking pictures with fans and using a scooter to get around.

Though he doesn’t look much bigger than he was years ago, Bone’s weight could definitely play a part in why he is using a scooter to stay mobile instead of walking.

A source close to the hip-hop vet says that despite the picture, Bone Crusher is doing well, so maybe he just didn’t feel like walking through the mall that day!

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Over the past few years, the 41-year-old has also been seen using a cane while out for some extra support, so whatever the issue is, it’s been a long time coming.

Hopefully Bone Crusher is doing fine, but if he isn’t… we wish him the very best, cus he still ain’t “Never Scared.” 

SOURCE: MediaTakeOut