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Your boy Aaron LaCrate is back for another fresh season of Milkcrate Athletics, and it looks like it’s gonna be a cold winter.

This season of Milkcrate features Aztek, Camo, Zebra, and Safari tailored shirts and matching camp hats. There’s also vibrant Milkcrate hand tie dyed heavy weight fleece hoodies and fresh athletic appliques.

VIDEO: Milkcrate Athletics Is Back With A Fall Collection For Your Closets & A Mixtape For Your Ears

Another first for the season comes in the ad campaign, which features the Slim Flu spreading Vado for the very first time for Milkcrate, as well as Queens, NY-bred rapper Bryant Dope. Both guys are modeling the latest additions to the Milkcrate collection of streetwear and it looks just as dope as seasons past!

MUSIC: Bun B & Aaron LaCrate “Turn It Up” 

Take a look at the gallery above, as well as the video below for a look at the Winter collection from Milkcrate Athletics.