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Jenelle Evans’ life gets more complicated by the hour.

Yesterday, Jenelle was rushed to the hospital after a possible miscarriage … and after having to go through that chilling night on her own, she lashed out at her missing husband Courtland Rogers

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She tweeted:

“I am getting a divorce, ASAP. You f–king leave out of town and I might be having a miscarriage? F–k you, you f–king piece of s–t.”

Wow, that’s crazy!

Although both of their tweets hint that Jenelle is no longer pregnant, there has been no confirmation the Teen Mom star actually lost the baby as of yet. 

Jenelle told her followers that she is “Heartbroken in half completely.”

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A somber Courtland tweeted:

“I think I just lost it all! I swear to God I am depressed as f–k. I need my wife in my arms telling me everything is gonna be okay. She deserves somebody better! A guy with a job, a house, and the perseverance to be eanything they wanna be. I’m a piece of s–t and I now know!”

Courtland got a little cryptic when he tweeted out that he had never done anything to hurt Jenelle and couldn’t take life like this.

This baby was supposed to be a second chance for both Court and Jenelle, as neither of them have custody of the children they had prior to their marriage. We wish them both the best!

SOURCE: Us Weekly