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Jenelle Evans has filed 5 assault charges against her husband Courtland Rogers, according to new reports that say he has been abusing his wife for a while now. 

Four of the charges filed were for assault on a female and one was for battery of an unborn child.

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The Teen Mom star, who was recently rushed to a hospital and may have suffered a miscarriage as her hubby skipped out of town, has since threatened divorce as well. 

Though Courtland says that he has never hurt his wife and does not put his hands on her, that’s kind of hard to believe when he has a violent past, long rap sheet, and many times is not sober. 

Actually, Courtland recently admitted to taking drugs and previously smoking crack. 

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In a video released by his baby’s mother, Courtland says:

“I don’t smoke crack no more. I don’t do heroin. Every once in a while I take Percocet because I just like to float, and I use xanny bars (a 2mg dose of Xanax in a bar-shaped pill form). But I’m okay with that! And I smoke kush.”

As we continue to stress, both Jenelle and Courtland each had a kid of their own before getting married and neither of them have custody of their children due to their negative decisions. 

Both continue to make not-so-great choices, and hopefully that changes very, very soon. 

SOURCE: X17/RadarOnline || Photo Credit: Twitter