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The truth shall set you free.

But for Lance Armstrong, who admitted to using performance enhancing drugs to win his seven Tour de France titles, it might bring him some shackles and a hefty price instead.

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Two people who read Armstrong’s book It’s Not About The Bike, have filed a suit against him and the publishers in federal court, claiming that they were duped and the book is a fraud based on lies and false advertising. The suit is asking for refunds and other costs.

Rob Stutzman, a public affairs consultant in California, and Jonathan Wheeler, a professional chef, filed the suits on Tuesday. They both read the book and learned that the “non-fiction” work actually contained falsehoods; most notably that Armstrong didn’t dope.

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The two men and a nation found out that Armstrong had in fact doped for more than a decade, but in the book, Armstrong denies drug usage and instead boasts his legend as an athlete who overcame cancer to win the Tour de France.

According to USA Today:

“Defendants knew or should have known these books were works of fiction,” the suit states.

It says the plaintiffs would not have bought the books if they had known “the true facts concerning Armstrong’s misconduct.”

Looks like Armstrong has a price to pay for his lies. Karma?


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