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While half the country is waiting for Beyonce to officially comment on lip-synch-gate, it has been business as usual for BaddieBey.

DETAILS: Official Confirms Beyonce Lip-Synched, Source Says “She Didn’t Think There Was Anything Wrong With It” 

The singer is getting ready to put on the performance of her life on February 3rd; she will be performing the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII.

The folks at USMagazine talked to an insider in her camp and they got the scoop on what Bey is going to perform on February 3rd:

“An insider exclusively tells Us that Beyonce, 31, will perform her hit “Crazy in Love” during a solo set to kick off the show. Midway through the act, she’ll be joined by Rowland, 31, and Williams, 32, to sing a medley of their biggest hits starting with “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor,” and ending with their new track “Nuclear.”

The insider also talked about the mind state Bey has going into this show. They confirmed that Bey wants to “knock them dead” and that “she can’t wait to get on the Super Bowl stage and show everyone” that the lip-synching thing was just a fluke.

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And speaking of the lip-synching thing, an insider explained what really happened on Monday, January 21, during President Barack Obama’s inauguration:

“She did sing…there was a [pre-recorded] track, but Bey sang 100 percent…[Using a pre-recorded track at live events] is very very common…The track was only there as a backup.”

She’s going to kill that Super Bowl show. 

Check out some pics of her rehearsing for the big show above.  


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