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In Washington D.C. thousands of people, ready to take a stand against gun violence joined a rally for gun control today, marching from the Capitol to the Washington Monument.

This morning, participants were led by Mayor Vincent Gray and other officials, and the crowd stretched for about two blocks along Constitution Avenue where police blocked off half the road.

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Participants held signs reading “Gun Control Now” and “Stop NRA,” while other signs were simple and white, with the names of victims of gun violence.

Reportedly Newtown residents would also join the protestors.

Huffington Post reports:

About 100 residents were expected from Newtown, Conn., where a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six teachers at a school in December. The rally was organized in response to that shooting.

Once the crowd arrived at the monument, speakers called for a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition.

Participant Kara Baekey of Norwalk, Conn., said that when she heard about the Newtown shooting, she thought of her two young children right away and decided she must take action, and that’s why she joined the march.

She says:

“I wanted to make sure this never happens at my kids’ school or any other school. It just can’t happen again.”

James Agenbroad, 78, of Garrett Park, Md., carried a handwritten sign that read “Repeal the 2nd Amendment.”

He says:

“You can repeal it. We repealed prohibition.”


It’s amazing to see so many unite for a cause that they believe in.

SOURCE: Huffington Post