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As round one ends in the fight between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim, I can’t help but wonder are there any more contenders? Where is the next female MC hiding? Is she a full-time student waiting to be discovered? Is she a full-time hustler waiting to be discovered? Hip-Hop is at a peak right now, with the underdogs and the unexpecteds racing to the top. It would be so refreshing to see a fresh female face holding the mic, without cleavage and spandex as her sidekicks. 

Creating the perfect femcee, female MC, is no easy task. The audience is critical and she has to be ready to shine through an all male roster. The groundbreaking femcee has to be able to sell records without selling sex. She should create her own middleground and take notes from those who owned the stage before her.

Imagine a powerhouse femcee. Imagine a femcee in a category all her own. Here are the five female MCs who have the potential to create the most influential Hip-Hop icon..



The unparalleled talent of Lauryn Hill

The multi-talented Lauryn Hill was the perfect triple threat. She killed us softly as a songstress, rapper and actor. Multi-tasking all three with ease made her the ideal well-rounded artist. If our femcee can enter the Hip-Hop world as well-equip as Lauryn, she will undoubtedly be a success.


The innovation of Missy ‘Misdemeanour’ Elliot

Creativity was key as her crazy beats were always paired with an even crazier video. Missy Elliot took control of her career and handled business in and out of the booth.  Producer, rapper, writer and innovator, our femcee also has to be ‘Supa Dupa Fly’. She has to have traits of a trailblazer, and be able to put together a one woman show.


The power and presence of Queen Latifah

There is no more room for sucka MCs in 2010! Queen Latifah has used her influence not only to empower women but make a strong statement of power and politics. She has balanced the double threat of edge and appeal. It should be important for our femcee to be active in her community and have a desire to reach people beyond the entertainment industry.

The lyrical whip of Remy Martin

As the only female rapper in the Terror Squad, Remy Ma’s gritty Bronx swag and confrontational style is the bark and the bite. Her freestyles were alwa